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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Getting to Know Your Website Audit

Websites are often misunderstood as the build-it-and-they-will-come element of an online business. However, even if they do come, much reviewing of the site’s performance will still be required, and a reputable Internet marketing company can help you with a website audit. There are a number of critical aspects to consider when your website is scrutinized.

Crawlers of the Web

Search engines have programs called spiders that “crawl“ the website’s code and catalog the elements that pass established standards. The satisfactory material will then be factored into the page’s final search ranking. A site auditor goes through the site code and itemizes parts that hinder the spiders’ work, for later removal by a web developer; for instance, embedded Flash movies are notorious for this.


A great website with rich content may be all but worthless if the user takes forever to find and click the links they want. Web design factors into the audit in terms of how links are structured and whether these are easily accessible–if the links are highly responsive, the customer may spend more time exploring other sections of the site. The audit will track down which user clicked which pages and how long they stayed.


The website’s URLs also require proper structuring and consistency, especially in the main page’s URL itself. It is also needed when you establish a new site and opt to migrate your current material there; in this case, the old website must have 301 redirects.

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